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Enhancement - Targets Selective school entry



Proficiency in English is established through many dimensions. Our program gives students the opportunity to specifically improve within the major areas of reading comprehension, writing, spelling/vocabulary and verbal reasoning.


Reading comprehension is an essential life skill. Our program promotes students to undertake active reading enabling them to extract the underlying meaning and purpose of the text. Students are taught to focus on the qualitative aspects of the reading process and encouraged to develop a broad appreciation for literature.


By exposing them to different writing styles (creative, analytical and persuasive) we reinforce clear expression through fluency and coherence.  Awareness in using proper grammar and punctuation is emphasised through regular practice and feedback. Introduction to different topics and prompts allows students to express unique ideas in their writing.


Vocabulary, an integral part of written communication, is developed through a sound understanding of definitions, origins and uses of new terminology within the appropriate context.


Verbal reasoning is the understanding and reasoning using concepts inferred in words and is a major component of scholarship and selective schools’ testing. Our program is designed to encourage evaluation and constructive thinking in this area by teaching students different strategies to handle this style of questions. 

ALIGNED TO Victorian Curriculum

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