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We strive to enhance your child's academic horizons to achieve their goals.



4. How do I know which level is appropriate for my child?

The outcome of the Free assessment session will determine the level that a student can be offered. In the assessment session, the students are provided with a set of questions designed to assess the student’s current ability. Based on their performance from this assessment, we will offer them an enrolment to an appropriate level in our program. The students may find each level a little challenging, but it will allow them to build their confidence.


5. How long is the assessment?

An assessment session is 60 minutes, comprising of 30 minutes for each subject.

6. Do I have to enrol them in the level being offered even if it not what my child is being taught at school? i.e Why an accelerated learning level?

Because our levels are designed to overlap two years of schooling, one level below the offered level is expected be the normal learning stream at school. You may choose to enrol them at this lower level if you feel that a lesser level is more appropriate for your child.


7. What special programs do you offer for selective schools?

Our levels are designed in a way that most of the topics expected in the selective exams are covered. We also have a trial test program, which offers students exam style questions every week under a time constrained situation. Each week students will undertake two tests and in the following week, the tutors explore those questions in the class with an aim to provide an opportunity for the students to rectify their mistakes.


8. What is your fees?

Our fees are competitive and nominal. As we offer 5 different levels, our fees are based on the level being offered.

Our fees are per session based i.e 2 and a half hours. Fees will be disclosed at the time of enrolment.


9. When should I pay the fees?

All fees to be paid in full at the start of each term. A discount of 5% is offered if fees are paid in full and at the start of each term.


10. How long is each session?

Each session is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 15 minutes break in between.


11. What happens if my child finds the worksheets too easy?

As we concentrate on all aspects of the curriculum, some topics may be easy and some may be new to that level. But if they feel that an entire term was too easy, please feel free to let us know so we can move them to a higher level.


12. Can I enrol my child for one subject only and not the other?

Our aim is to enhance a student’s all round ability and enhance their academic results. To achieve this goal, we believe that a student should be proficient in both English and Mathematics. Based on this policy we may not be able to offer enrolment in one subject only. Our preference is that the child is enroled in both subjects. But do enquire with the admin staff at the time of enrolment. 


13. Do I get any discount?

Yes, a 5% discount on a full term fees is offered when paid in full and at the start of each term.


14. Do you offer discount for concession card holders or EMA eligible parents?

Discount on fees is not offered for concession card holders or EMA eligible parents. Apologies. 

1. What subjects are being offered?

We offer tutoring in English and Mathematics for Grades 2 to 8. We also offer a special program dedicated to covering the strategies required for success in the selective schools’ exam.

2. What curriculum do we follow?

We follow Victorian Curriculum program which is followed by the Victorian schools. We cover 6 years of syllabus within our 5 levels. Our program ensures your children feel confident with concepts covered at school, whilst providing them the opportunity to challenge themselves further.


3. What are the levels?

We offer programs that are tailored to suit students in 

Grades 2 to 8. Based on the results achieved  by your child in our Assessment test, enrolment to an appropriate level is offered in consultation with you (parent).

  • Level E

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

  • Level 4

  • Level 5                      

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